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Resolve Your Differences for the Nation's Sake;
Stop Posturing Today Ahead of 2004
July 19, 2002

With the re-opening of Congress, we urge our honorable political leaders in Malacañang, in the Senate and at the House of Representatives to unite and work together for the nation's benefit. Our economic recovery is fragile. The peace and order situation is unsettling as crime and terrorism threatens. Calamities wipe out crops and savings. Millions remain poor, and even those who have some means find life harder going. OUR PEOPLE DO NOT DEMAND MIRACLES. THEY APPRECIATE EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTES TO MODEST IMPROVEMENTS IN OUR SITUATION DESPITE LIMITATIONS.

No doubt our President will report on achievements of the government since July last year. We are grateful for what has been accomplished. We realize that things could be worse but we also believe they could be better. We all know our country's problems are deep, our people's burdens heavy and the nation's road to prosperity difficult and long.  What is now important is for our country to keep moving ahead as we have no time to lose. Our needs grow everyday and our means grow much more slowly. Ang pinakamahalaga ngayon ay ang pagsasa-isang tabi ng kanya-kanyang sama ng loob alang-alang sa bayan. THE PRESIDENT AND THE LEADERS OF CONGRESS SHOULD STOP DWELLING ON REASONS FOR CONFLICT and INSTEAD FOCUS ON GETTING OUR GOVERNMENT TO DELIVER ON A CONSTRUCTIVE AGENDA FOR THE NATION.

We call for civility in public discourse and ask our public figures to stop calling each other derogatory names that simply add enduring bitterness to temporary disagreements. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR PARTISAN POLITICAL POSTURING MORE APPROPRIATE FOR THE CAMPAIGN PERIOD IN 2004.

We ask Congress to concentrate on critical bills essential to our economic growth. When our public figures fight among themselves, our people end up being casualties. When our leaders work well with each other, the whole country benefits, particularly the poor who most depend on a smoothly functioning government. We call on the Senate to resolve its own crisis of leadership consistent with urgent needs of the nation for cooperation, not conflict. WE SHALL HOLD EACH SENATOR DIRECTLY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE.

We ask the President to exercise her considerable powers and authorities to implement and enforce our laws to move the country forward. We regard her as the president of all Filipinos, obligated to exercise her powers and authority according to the moral principles that brought her to that position. We expect the President to provide the political statesmanship to secure a principled consensus between the executive and the two houses of Congress to sustain economic recovery, social reform and peace and order. WE BELIEVE THAT A DRAMATIC DEMONSTRATION OF THE TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER OF AN EFFECTIVE PRESIDENT IS THE BEST PLATFORM FOR SECURING WIDER PUBLIC SUPPORT.

We ask both administration and opposition to recall Edsa Dos not as an act of political expedience, but as an act of moral outrage. All those in power today need to consider Edsa Dos as a militant re-assertion of the principle that PUBLIC OFFICE IS A PUBLIC TRUST.


1. Dan Songco - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
2. JP Fenix - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
3. Marian Roces - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
4. Jeremy "Bong" Eliab - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
5. Ella Antonio - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
6. Vincent Lazatin - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
7. Jim Paredes - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
8. Rina Jimenez David - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
9. Trina Belamide - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
10. Bart Guingona - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
11. Leandro Locsin - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
12. Mario Taguiwalo - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
13. Guido Delgado - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
14. Cielito Habito - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
15. Calvin Genotiva - Pagbabago@ Pilipinas
16. Conrado Caraos, MD - St. Vincent's Medical Center, NY
17. Jerez Te - Ateneo de Davao University Student Council
18. Sherame Ancajas - SAMAHAN, ADDU, Davao City
19. Bernie Jereza - Ateneo de Naga University
20. Enrique Borja, MD - Newfoundland, Canada
21. Mae Manalang-Sta. Ana, Freelance Editor-Writer, Kamias, Quezon City
22. Alberto Florentino - USA
23. Anne Reyes - USA
24. Cynthia Mendoza - Fordham University, NY
25. Ramon Marcos Pernia, Jr. - Mindanao Lobby
26. Lory Tan - Pagbabago@Pilipinas
27. Mylene - Elagda-Ortigas
28. Manuel L. Quezon III - Today Newspaper
29. Joel Garduce - Philippine Science High School Alumni Association
30. Norma Japitana - NetGazer
31. Zally Almoradie - JEEP Masbate
32. Val Abelgas - Philippine Post, L.A.
33. Muriel Ordonez - Mind Guerrilla, Inc.
34. Aida Santos - Plaridel Papers
35. Sonia La Luna - Elagda-Ortigas
36. Nina Lim-Yuson - Pagbabago@Pilipinas
37. Maria Lourdes Legarde - United Nations
38. Bebet Gozun - COCAP/Earth Day Network-Phils.
39. Johnny Felizardo, Jr. - UP49ers
40. Melchor Lalunio, Jr.
41. Joel Saracho - Plaridel Papers
42. Anneli Lagman -
43. Allan Borreo - ABN-AMRO
44. Irene Labitad - MB Foundation
45. Ramon Santos - URS Phils. Inc.
46. Dr. Warlito Vicente - DMSF, Davao City

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